About Us

At All Purpose Crane Service, we’re more than operators—we’re guardians of safety and efficiency. Trust in our professional team to elevate your project’s success, ensuring every task is completed with the utmost precision and reliability!

About Us

Spanning four generations, our family’s journey with cranes has been one of resilience, dedication, and growth. Originating from Northern Ireland, where my father and grandfather laid the groundwork amidst challenging times, rebuilding essential structures, our story is steeped in perseverance.

In 1997, we embarked on a new chapter by moving to Canada. With little more than expertise and unwavering resolve, my father worked tirelessly with local crane companies, ensuring our family’s future.

2008 marked the inception of All Purpose Crane Service, born from the same tenacity that brought us to Canadian shores. Expansion followed in 2010 with the acquisition of our second crane, signaling my entry into the family legacy.

This photograph captures a moment that brings our past, present, and potential 4th generation crane operators into one frame—a testament to the blessings and guidance we’ve received every step of the way. It’s not just about operating cranes; it’s about lifting dreams and building aspirations.